A New Adventure

Michael Haug

See Kyle's dance journey and how he achieved his goal to confidently ask anyone to dance to any music.
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Meet the dance student:

Kyle has an incredible energy within him and is one of the most ambitious and well-intended men you will ever meet. He is a navy man, protecting us at sea and for the summer he was posted in Seattle as his ship was going through repairs.

Kyle's goal:

Kyle is an accomplished athlete, but never felt comfortable on the dance floor. He decided now’s the time to develop his dance skills and elevate his social game.


“If you want to get better at dancing you have to dance. You have to get over that discomfort you have with yourself, moving around the dance floor, being fluid and flowing”

Notes about their journey:

Kyle’s first visit, like most people’s, was well out of his comfort zone. Right away he found that each dance lesson consistently challenged and expanded his comfort zone, making everything else feel easy. After a few private lessons Kyle jumped at the opportunity to experience a group class. He had the usual fears of making a fool of himself, but that wasn’t going to stop him from growing. He found that everyone at group class is going through the same challenges and realized that this was the time to make mistakes and grow through experience. He took advantage of this and went to as many group classes as possible.

Two months into his training Kyle went out fusion dancing and boldly asked strangers to dance. He developed a love for dancing and relished each opportunity to make up cool moves and dance originally on the fly. Kyle’s now ready to attack those social outings, with his dance skills ready for action.


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