Feel The Flow

Michael Haug

Connor and Hannah explain why training in Flow is so much better than typical dance training.
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Meet the dance students:

Hannah and Connor are ambitious, independently and in partnership. Hannah is a marriage counselor at Sequoia Immersions, always looking for new ways to help couples connect through healthy experiences. Connor is going to school for coding with intentions on making a meaningful impact via the world of technology. Together they love exploring nature and are always looking for opportunities to grow and develop their meaning of life.

Connor and Hannah's goal:

Connor and Hannah’s goal were to be able to dance together and feel good about. They loved the idea of building experiences and connecting through dance, but they were not feeling this through past dance classes. They hoped learning Flow would change that.


“We are learning how to express who we are individually and as a couple through our bodies, through whatever music we hear, in any place, at any time.”

“It is so fun and so liberating just to not worry what other folks think and just to allow yourself to be creative in your movement”

Notes about their journey:

Hannah and Michael met at a workshop focused on strengthening relationships. They discussed the parallels of strengthening relationships on and off the dance floor. Hannah decided she needed to bring her husband to Flow and give this dancing thing a shot. During the first few lessons, they found themselves stepping on each other and getting frustrated because weren’t “doing it right”. They quickly moved passed this discomfort of being imperfect and found that their imperfect dancing is what made it so much fun.

Each lesson they found they were better than the last and could create and incorporate new moves into their repertoire. Sometimes they switch roles. Connor likes learning through the follow’s role and Hannah likes all the possibilities as a lead. These two are at a point in their journey where dancing always feels good and it is now a skill they use whenever the moment presents itself.

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