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Connor and Hannah explain why training in Flow is so much better than typical dance training.
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Meet the dance student:

Talina is a glowing optimist and so much fun to strike a conversation with. She’s loving (Bainbridge) island life as she is the manager of Eleven Winery by day and a musician, and now dancer, by night.

Talina's goal:

Talina loves dancing but never knew how to partner dance, a lifelong goal of hers. Her mission was to feel excitement and confidently say, “Yes” when asked to dance. It turns out private dance lessons at Flow was exactly what she needed.


“I can’t even believe the changes, what I learned, and how much fun I had. It was an incredible experience and it changed my life because now all I want to do is dance”

Notes about their journey:

We started by training to walk and move well, independently and in partnership. She insisted on a strong foundation as she experienced both sides of the partnership, learning how to lead and follow on the dance floor. The training was challenging, but Talina felt good about her progress every time she left her training session.

One month into her training, Talina took a trip to Mexico with her brother. One night they strolled by a night club that was screaming with salsa music and had a crowded floor of local dancers. She felt an excitement to check it out and see what could happen. Immediately, a gentleman asked her to dance. With no experience in salsa dancing, Talina picked it up right away and she couldn’t believe how much fun she was having on the dance floor. She could salsa dance! This enchanting night of dancing salsa has solidified Talina’s confidence and she now knows she can dance whenever the opportunity presents itself, and love it.

Find Talina at Eleven Winery on Bainbridge Island, and ask her for a dance. 😉

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