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Dance To Live

Go out there, physically express and communicate yourself, feel good dancing, and lead by example in how incredible it is to flow.

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founder & Trainer

Michael Haug

We all want to play, evolve, and dance together. We feel more alive when we do so. Michael's desire to live in such a world has motivated him to create the most powerful, foolproof, and guided journey to discover our natural physical languages, to express them with style, and feel flow for the rest of our lives.

We dance because it feels good. I ask you — how good can it feel?
It’s been really freeing and liberating, there have been moments that have been harder and I think those are good to not only talk through or work through as a dance partnership but as a couple too.
— Mike B.
I started dancing with Michael for the first time during the Covid pandemic. First in his studio in Seattle, then when he moved to Mexico I knew I needed to go there to continue my dance journey.

Not realizing how much I would resonate with this method to learn. I have been to Mexico twice in the last few months to continue my journey. It is fun and a great way to keep my body in shape and to let go of my inhibitions. I will continue this flow journey for the rest of my life. It has changed my confidence and helped keep me in a good place.

Thank you Michael for your encouragement and the ability to make someone like me to believe in myself and my ability to become a dancer.
— Maria D.
My mental state has really improved as well I feel that I’m really sharp, I function better. It makes me feel good on the inside and the outside.

I feel like it’s a new way of a life for me. It’s something I’d love to do for the rest of my life.
— Nina M.
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