Frequently Asked Questions

I have zero dance experience and I have no rhythm. Is Flow for me?

Flow is for those who cannot dance and for those who are professional dancers. Flow teaches you to move to the music, to the best of your ability, and how to naturally express your style and communicate and play in partnership. 

Do I need a partner?

Here you learn both personal and partnership flow.  There is no partnership flow without personal flow, making it necessary to dance on your own to contribute in partnership. Yes, you will gain much in these courses as a single student. No, you do not need a partner. 

I want to learn dance styles, like Tango or Hip Hop. Is Flow for me?

First, learn physical expression and communication. Then develop your style. Once you have your style, you are free to learn any other style and not become programmed. Learn Flow and then love Tango, Hip Hop, and all other dance styles.

I'm an accomplished dancer with tons of rhythm. Is Flow for me?

Yes! Your dance skills will contribute to your success. The awareness and skills you develop with Flow Fluently will open up your mind, body, and spirit to realize an evolved level of dance.  

I just want to dance for fun and health. Is Flow for me?

The better you feel, the better you dance. Make feeling good the seed of your dancing. That is why you dance. 

How effective is learning virtual?

Very effective. With virtual lessons, you experience a course of methodical exercises that help you discover your Flow. You are given the freedom and guidance to move at your own pace, on your own time. You truly own your dance journey.
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   Technical Questions

Why are the exercise songs not playing smoothly?

If the exercise songs are not playing smoothly, update your internet browser to its newest version. To update Chrome's version, watch this video.  
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