We all have the freedom to move and dance exactly how we feel. Let's join together and make this a reality.

Our mission is to bring awareness to feel-good movement and physical communication; to improve our physical, mental, and emotional states; to discover our styles and flow with each other. Our mission is to get this world dancing.

1# Be The Movement 

Dance to all the music, in all the places, with all the people, and feel it flow.

#2 Evolve and Flow

Be part of our school and develop your flow.
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#3 Join Our Movement

Learn more about our #LetsGetThisWorldDancing campaign to help get this world dancing and how you can contribute and be part of it.
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Be Part of our movement

Would you like to join us?

Lets create a world where we physically feel, connect, and communicate more deeply with each other. A world where we fluidly move and dance in ways we’ve yet to experience.  #LetsGetThisWorldDancing
Are you comitted to get this world dancing?
Let us know and join the team!

Michael Haug

I made a pact: commit to helping us discover our physical flow and enjoy the rollercoaster ride the universe takes me on. 
This is the most powerful opportunity I've realized. My seatbelt is strapped and I'm excited to see where it goes.

Kaesy Craft

As humans we have slowly forgotten what dancing does for us. Its the best thing for our minds, bodies & souls. As tribal communities we always danced before a hunt, before & after ceremonies etc! Dancing is the best way to connect to ourselves, our partners, and our community! I believe Flow is what will help remind us to dance & to take those traditions back!

Carol Haug

Dancing makes me and everyone I know happy, so why not do it every day and in the best way we can. In the style of Flow, it is strengthening and developing agility and balance, which is essential as we age, and as a result, beneficial to all other activities, like sports, games, and creative endeavors, especially in connection to music, which soothes the soul.
If we as a people choose this loving practice with others, might it be a better way to communicate than discourse?

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