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Move better to dance better.
Movement is your medium to connect, feel, and play.
All movement simplifies into four elements. Master these elements because the better you move, the better you dance, and the deeper you flow. 

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Course Lessons

Born To Move

Movement is the medium to express, feel, and communicate with others. Discover and articulate feel-good moves to the best of your ability— because all of your dance moves and everyday movements are a mixture of these four elements. 

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founder & Trainer

Michael Haug

We all want to play, evolve, and dance together. We feel more alive when we do so. Michael's desire to live in such a world has motivated him to create the most powerful, foolproof, and guided journey to discover our natural physical language, to express it with style, and to feel flow it for the rest of our lives.

We dance because it feels good. I ask you — how good can it feel?
The specific styles are memorization; they are patterns you learn to use for specific dance forms. Flow is more freeing. It teaches you the fundamentals of dance, which you can take into any dance venue and type of music.
— Mary Jo B.
Dance is one way that can bring people together and bridge those differences that we may have that aren’t even there; they’re just kind of perceived. Having a tangible active thing like dance could be quite amazing if everyone did it.
— Grier B.
Most instructors or dance studios are locked into a system, very regimented; step one, step two, it’s hard to individualize or tailor to the person’s ability or experience. But Flow bypasses all that, learning to dance naturally and being able to dance together without comparison or criticism.
— Yu San L.
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