Slave to the music.
Creatively express your movement to the music's rhythm and sounds.

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Let's Get Musical

Fluidly change the speed of your movement to instinctively express how the music makes you feel, and experience a stronger relationship and flow with the music.

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founder & Trainer

Michael Haug

We all want to play, evolve, and dance together. We feel more alive when we do so. Michael's desire to live in such a world has motivated him to create the most powerful, foolproof, and guided journey to discover our natural physical languages, to express them with style, and feel flow for the rest of our lives.

We dance because it feels good. I ask you — how good can it feel?
Taking Flow dance lessons with my partner has been a huge boost in my confidence. Not only on the dance floor, but life in general. I never felt comfortable before when dancing with someone, especially dancing together rather than beside someone. But lessons with Michael confirmed and opened up my thoughts and steps in a meaningful way that has allowed me to confidently dance with any partner on any dance floor to just about any type of music.

Learning the basic techniques that can be used in a variety of ways as long as you keep an open imagination to expand and experiment with them. I think a big part of learning from Michael was the ability to let go of the ego and just enjoy the moment.
— Brandon E.
If you want to do something good for yourself, take a dance class with Michael.
— Jim H.
I cannot say enough positive things about Michael and Flow! My husband and I had so much fun taking classes with him leading up to our wedding. He did a great job teaching us how to move together to all different types of music, and now we look forward to any opportunity to dance together.

His lessons allowed us to go into our first dance with confidence and get completely lost in the moment dancing together. We're still receiving compliments on our dance over a month after our wedding!
— Kristine K.
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