Style is a physical expression of your authenticity; be an original character with each dance and let your style flourish.

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When you feel good,  you have nothing to hide.  Be free and realize your original style with each dance. Surprise yourself.

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founder & Trainer

Michael Haug

We all want to play, evolve, and dance together. We feel more alive when we do so. Michael's desire to live in such a world has motivated him to create the most powerful, foolproof, and guided journey to discover our natural physical languages, to express them with style, and feel flow for the rest of our lives.

We dance because it feels good. I ask you — how good can it feel?
When I die, I want my kids to dance. I tell them, "when I go, don't mourn me. Dance"!
— Harry G.

The program takes you through the right size steps to get you through to where you feel comfortable just moving your body with your partner. It seems so simple, but its not simple whatsoever, but it’s broken down into simple steps and eventually small steps lead to something really big.

— Diana H.
It’s a confidence builder to know how to flow.
— Matt M.
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